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Archive for October, 2006: TinapBeana's Blog: Money Wars!
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Archive for October, 2006

One Week, One Goal #3

November 1st, 2006 at 04:02 am

Still working on my

Text is Frugal Failing and Link is
Frugal Failing when it comes to food.

By 10p Tuesday 11/7 I will...

Clean out and organize my fridge, freezer, and pantry.

I know I've got leftovers in that fridge somewhere, my frugie sense is tingling all over! I've got a mostly full pantry, and completely full freezer, but nothing has a designated home.

Well, obviously the freezer stuff has to stay in the freezer, duh!

What I mean to say is freezer leftovers are mixed around with bags of veggies, potatoes, biscuits, and at least 7 species of meat. Hard to maneuver in there. The pantry and fridge are no better, so I've got a week to work on it.

Headline: Bank Teller has Issues with Numbers!

October 31st, 2006 at 07:57 pm

Argh..... ARGH I say!!!

I have one savings account online (Grand Yield Direct), and a membership at a local credit union.

At said credit union I have

* Savings, known to the credit union as my "member account"
* Primary Checking where money goes in and bills come out, known to the credit union as my "10 account". This is the only checking account with any activity in the past, oh, year.
* Secondary Checking: the only thing linked to PayPal, known to the credit union as my "11 account"

Primary Checking has overdraft protection by way of the savings account. Meaning, something comes in PC can't cover, it pulls automatically from savings at no cost. Secondary Checking isn't set up with this feature since it is linked to PayPal. Side Note: both checking accounts have $500 'courtesey pay' limit (aka standard overdraft protection).

The Issue
Today is payday (yippee!). Since I have worked my budget and worked it well, I keep only enough in my primary checking account to pay my bills. I withdraw grocery & allowance money in cash, and everything else gets parsed out to savings accounts. Secondary checking sits there with $21 earning half a percent. HA! Since it is the last day of the month, PC is sitting at just about nothing since all bills were paid 2 weeks ago. No biggie.

I get my paycheck today, and endorse the back and specifically note to put it into the '10 account' (aka Primary Checking). I get a deposit slip for the '10 account' and fill it out for my deposit, minus allowance and grocery money through next Friday.

I go through the drive up teller, make my deposit, get my receipt and go about my lunch hour.

When I get back to the office, I go to the bank website and find out the teller has kindly put my paycheck in the secondary checking account! Moreover, the cash I witheld from the deposit 'came' from my primary checking, which put it below 0 and resulted in money being pulled out of my savings!!!


I'm pretty lucky that this isn't generating any overdraft fees, but it's the principal of the matter that annoys me. To fix her mistake I had to transfer my paycheck from secondary to primary, and then deposit the 'overdraft' amount from primary to savings in order to put everything back where it should have been to begin with.

I am upset about this because A) bank tellers should be able to deposit money in the right account! and B) my savings account has a max of 6 withdrawals per month (it's a fed thing). What if her mistake had put me over my 6/month limit?

OK, well, I feel a little better now *sheepish grin*

One Week, One Goal #2: Results

October 31st, 2006 at 03:29 pm

Text is Read about My "One Week, One Goal" quest here and Link is
Read about My "One Week, One Goal" quest here

Also, visit the new thread
Text is "What is Your Goal This Week?" and Link is
"What is Your Goal This Week?" to see what other folks are doing!

Text is The Goal: and Link is
The Goal:

By 10p next Tuesday 10/31 I will...

Cook three meals that result in enough left-overs for me to freeze (rather than just toss them in the fridge, never to be seen again!). This 1W1G episode is intended to fight my
Text is Frugal Failing and Link is
Frugal Failing when it comes to food.

The Result:
goal set, goal met (and ahead of schedule!): i made not 3 but 4 meals that generated enough left-overs to freeze:

* chili (2 servings stashed)
* chicken stock (3 quarts remaining)
* spaghetti sauce (2 quarts remaining)
* dirty rice (4 quart size freezer bags each half full)

best of all, i used the chicken stock to make the dirty rice.

Text is The Reward: and Link is
The Reward:

I will splurge today and buy myself lunch out while running errands. It'll be a taco from Barbaritos ($2.99) plus a small cheese dip ($0.75) before tax. The tacos are huge and easily count as full meal: chicken and black beans and fresh pico de gallo and guacamole. I ask for it in soft corn torillas b/c I don't like the crunchy ones and they give you more filling this way! *grin*

I have a loyalty card from this place, too, and I'm 7 $2.99 tacos away froma free $6.50 burrito. WooHoo!

** UPDATE ** my reward cost $4.04 after tax, and the nice lady double-punched my card. now i'm only 5 tacos away! = Too Funny!!

October 31st, 2006 at 12:49 pm

OK, so you've seen those posters some places put in the work environment, the ones with the black border and a big word at the top like TEAMWORK, COMPETITION, MOTIVATION, etc? There's an apro-pro picture and a wonderful quip at the bottom designed to inspire productivity and a thrilling workplace.

At any rate, if you want a laugh today check out

Text is and Link is, which has this same kind of thing but all of their quips are de-motivating. IT'S TOO FREAKIN' FUNNY!!!

I've included the titles and quips below, but go to the site to see the pictures (didn't want to post a picture-rific entry two days in a row).

You can do anything you set your mind to when you have vision, determination, and an endless supply of expendable labor.

That which does not kill me postpones the inevitable.

Not all pain is gain.

The journey of a thousand miles sometimes ends very, very badly

If we don't take care of the customer,maybe they'll stop bugging us.

The best leaders inspire by example. When that's not an option, brute intimidation works pretty well, too.

If you're attractive enough on the outside, people will forgive you for being irritating to the core.

Never be afraid to share your dreams with the world, because there's nothing the world loves more than the taste of really sweet dreams.

The secret to success is knowing who to blame for your failures.

Attitudes are contagious. Mine might kill you.

It's a short trip from riding the waves of change to being torn apart by the jaws of defeat.

Change (winds)
When the winds of change blow hard enough, the most trivial of things can become deadly projectiles.

There are no stupid questions, but there are a LOT of inquisitive idiots.

Let's agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be

When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.

If you're not a part of the solution,there's good money to be made in prolonging the problem.

Dare to Slack
When birds fly in the right formation, they need only exert half the effort. Even in nature, teamwork results in collective laziness.

For every winner, there are dozens of losers. Odds are you're one of them.

There is no greater joy than soaring high on the wings of your dreams, except maybe the joy of watching a dreamer who has nowhere to land but in the ocean of reality.

Sometimes the best solution to morale problems is just to fire all of the unhappy people.

It's always darkest just before it goes pitch black.

You were meant for me. Perhaps as a punishment.

A company that will go to the ends of the Earth for its people will find it can hire them for about 10% of the cost of Americans.

There comes a time when every team must learn to make individual sacrifices.

It takes months to find a customer, but only seconds to lose one... the good news is that we should run out of them in no time.

Do it Later
The early worm is for the birds.

In the battle between you and the world, bet on the world.

Dreams are like rainbows. Only idiots chase them.

The only consistent feature in all of your dissatisfying relationships is you.

Hard work never killed anybody, but it is illegal in some places.

It's lonely at the top, but it's comforting to look down upon everyone at the bottom.

When your best just isn't good enough.

Until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore, you will not know the terror of being forever lost at sea

If you want to get to the top, prepare to kiss a lot of the bottom.

You'll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take, and, statistically speaking, 99% of the shots you do.

Get To Work
You aren't being paid to believe in the power of your dreams.

It's best to avoid standing directly between a competitive jerk and his goals.

There is an island of opportunity in the middle of every difficulty. Miss that, though, and you're pretty much doomed.

The harder you try, the dumber you look.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

It's amazing how much easier it is for a team to work together when no one has any idea where they're going.

When you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack of skill by doubling your efforts, there's no end to what you can't do.

It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile, but it doesn't take any to just sit there with a dumb look on your face.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everybody else.

If you can't learn to do something well, learn to enjoy doing it poorly.

It's difficult to comprehend how insane some people can be. Especially when you're insane.

Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99% perspiration, which is why engineers sometimes smell really bad.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, but you'd be a fool to withhold that from your superiors.

No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood.

Success is a journey, not a destination. So stop running.

Leaders are like eagles. We don't have either of them here.

Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can walk.

If you find yourself struggling with loneliness, you're not alone. And yet you are alone. So very alone.

If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style.

Madness does not always howl. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "Hey, is there room in your head for one more?"

It takes a lot less time and most people won't notice the difference until it's too late.

None of us is as dumb as all of us.

While good fortune often eludes you, this kind never misses.

It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.

If a pretty poster and a cute saying are all it takes to motivate you, you probably have a very easy job. The kind robots will be doing soon.

We promote family values here - almost as often as we promote family members.

Before you attempt to beat the odds, be sure you could survive the odds beating you.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, but lightning kills hundreds of people each year who are trying to find it.

It's over, man. Let her go.

Much work remains to be done before we can announce our total failure to make any progress.

Not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But it rocks absolutely, too.

It can turn a lump of coal into a flawless diamond, or an average person into a perfect basketcase.

The downside of being better than everyone else is that people tend to assume you're pretentious.

No matter how great and destructive your problems may seem now, remember, you've probably only seen the tip of them

Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now.

The race for quality has no finish line- so technically, it's more like a death march.

It hurts to admit when you make mistakes - but when they're big enough, the pain only lasts a second

Because you've given so much of yourself to the Company that you don't have anything left we can use.

If you never try anything new, you'll miss out on many of life's great disappointments.

Your role may be thankless, but if you're willing to give it your all, you just might bring success to those who outlast you.

Sacrifice (Temple)
All we ask here is that you give us your heart.

As long as we have each other, we'll never run out of problems.

Quitters never win, winners never quit, but those who never win AND never quit are idiots.

Some people dream of success, while other people live to crush those dreams.

A few harmless flakes working together can unleash an avalanche of destruction.

Luck can't last a lifetime unless you die young.

The tallest blade of grass is the first to be cut by the lawnmower.

When you wish upon a falling star, your dreams can come true. Unless it's really a meteorite hurtling to the Earth which will destroy all life. Then you're pretty much hosed no matter what you wish for. Unless it's death by meteor.

Just because you're necessary doesn't mean you're important

Pics: Saturday's Day-Trip to the Mountains

October 30th, 2006 at 04:57 pm

this one was showing someone else's pics? should be a lady carrying a baby through a crevass known as Devil's Kitchen

self portrait!

this one was showing someone else's pics? should be a pic of my town 30 miles away

Best Toilet Seat Money Can Buy!

October 30th, 2006 at 04:15 pm

And I mean it, too.

See, I'm married, and as DH is a boy he is prone to the messes that, um, boys make. No offense to the guys here, but how the HECK can you get golden droplets everywhere? I used to have an etigere behind the commode, and there would be pee on the back of this thing! It's like the magical JFK bullet in urine form, I'm telling you!

Anyways, the bathroom is an area where the concept of "you made the mess, you clean it up" just doesn't get through. And I personally find it gross and somewhat humiliating to clean pee off of, well, anything. So when we bought our house, the upstairs toilet had no seat and I happily plunked down $30 on a toilet seat. You heard me, $30!!!

First benefit is this sucker is self-closing, so the seat and lid don't slam shut. Pretty nice, but not worth $30.

The fact that the seat and lid are designed with quick release hinges? PRICELESS!!!!!!

All I gotta do is flip 2 hinges, throw this baby in the tub and hose it down (or spray with bleach). The rest of the toilet is now exposed to be brushed clean with the toilet brush and then wiped with disinfectant. No flipping the seat up to clean one part, flipping the seat down to clean another part, getting grossed out and frustrated by the eeeeewwww that invariably hides in the cracks along normal hinges.


Best $30 I've ever spent, and I fully intend to spend $40 to get the elongated version for the bathroom downstairs when we redo it.

Now, if I can just get the cats to stop staring at me and silently laughing when I clean their litter box...

Frugally Festive: It's Only October!!!

October 29th, 2006 at 07:57 pm


Yes, it's only October but that means the holidays are here. Part of the whole commercialization thing, in my book, is the fact that all holidays now begin at least 2 months early. Drives me batty.

At any rate, all the holiday hubbub has gotten me thinking about things that are frugally festive, and I decided I wanted a category just for this topic. Frugally festive can be any event, not just Christmas et al. It's about getting the juices flowing and thinking 'outside the box'. Or, in my case 'outside the wallet'. Big Grin

So, here are my ways of being Frugally Festive for Halloween

1. Costume: get an old prom/wedding dress from the thrift store or yardsale of your choice. Many options here: princess, fairy godmother, bridesmaid, Bride of Frankenstein, dead whatever.

2. Costume: My all-time favorite and one I wear year after year since I can't top it. Guaranteed to make drunk people scream! Get a trench coat from the thrift store or yardsale of your choice. On either the right or left side remove the lining from the pocket, and carefully rip the seams on both the top and bottom of the slit for the pocket. Stuff some gloves with whatever you have on hand and pin them inside the arms of the coat. Stuff the arms and torso of the coat, leaving room near the pocket you have altered. Make yourself up to look all dead from the neck up, slip into the bottom of the trenchcoat and poke your head out through the pocket. Wrap one of the stuffed arms around your head and stick the hand in the pocket. TADA: you are now a 7ft tall headless guy!!! Tip: the top half of a Swiffer handle works well to hold up the torso, so you don't have to.

3. Entertaining: I don't do candy (I mean, I eat it, but I won't buy it for a party, too pricey). I make peanut butter eyeballs, witch finger cookies, breadsticks shaped like bones with 'blood' (marinara) dipping sauce, and *chuckle* kitty litter cake. EEEWWW!

4. Drinking (hey, I'm young!): I make jello shots with pineapple off-brand gelatin and set them up in little Dixie plastic bathroom cups. They look like urine samples. Again: EEEWWW!

5. Decorating: If I'm having a party, I'll do up the bathroom (it's cheap!). Buy a clear plastic shower curtain ($1), 2 white handtowels ($1 each), and a small bottle of red acrylic paint ($2). I also add a strobe light since I already have one. Take shower curtain & towels outside, lay them on the ground, and splatter with the red paint. Hang up shower curtain and toss handtowels around. Since I have the strobe light I also rig up man out of stuffed clothes, hang him from the shower head, and put the stobe in the shower pointed at him. Even more effective is to disable the rest of the lights in the bathroom! All of this decor at $5 is reusable year after year...

And that is my Frugally Festive Halloween!

Fun with Dick and Jane

October 29th, 2006 at 06:20 pm

The movie

Text is "Fun with Dick and Jane" and Link is
"Fun with Dick and Jane" is on TV right now: I caught the first 30 min or so before DH flipped the channel & I went back to the kitchen. Anywho, I've seen it before, but it being on TV today reminded me of this group so much it was eerie!

For those not familiar, Dick & Jane both work & live in a McMansion. Their son speaks mostly Spanish b/c he's being raised by a Spanish speaking nanny. Dick gets promoted, Jane quits her job, Dick looses his job, and hilarity ensues. After selling all their possessions, trading in the beemer for a used whatsit, and having their lawn repossessed, they decide to become criminals in order to be able to provide for their son. Everything works out in the end, they get most of their stuff back, and the bad evil corporate guy that 'caused it all' gets his come-uppance.


At any rate, it's the lawn getting repossessed that gets me every time. First of all, just the thought of having a lawn repossessed cracks me up. They're rolling up the sod, putting flowers back into pots, the whole 9 yards. Needless to say, the neighbors are all out & about and intrigued by what's going on.

Even better is the way Jan reacts. She's flustered for a minute but then, quick lady that she is, starts picked up pots and shoving them to the workers screaming "This isn't right, none of it's right, this isn't what I ordered at all!!!" That way, you see, the neighbors won't know that her lawn is being repossessed.

Bear in mind that the neighbors all know Dick has no job. Several of them also lost their jobs, and are probably in the same boat. But Jane's doing her best to make it look like everything is fine.

Thing is this movie only did OK at the box office. It was funny, it was timely, all that good stuff, but America wasn't quite into it. My theory? It hits a little too close to home for the majority of our country. Forget living paycheck to paycheck: how many folks do we know are just one layoff away from having their lawn repossessed?

About as good as the lawn is the fact that once everything gets straightened out, I'm pretty sure D&J go back to being stuffaholics (i'ts been a while since I've seen it the whole way through). Now, if you've just been through times hard enough to take a shower in the neighbors sprinklers, why would you turn right back around and fill your house with a bunch of things that represent money you can't use to keep your own water on?

At any rate, the movie cracks me up when I see it, and now moreso than ever. See, I don't intend to ever end up like Dick or Jane.

Then again, who does?

Plugging Along

October 29th, 2006 at 03:30 pm

Here it is, Sunday morning, and my blog is still reeling from the Starbucks rucus. BTW, for those interested in Google's most poular searches, the

Text is Zeitgeist and Link is
Zeitgeist keeps track of it weekly. Hehehehe *evil grin*

Just to play catch-up: Allowance and grocery day has come and gone. Chickens were on sale $0.39/lb, more on that later. DH spent Friday afternoon with his father and came back with a load of firewood & about 20 lbs of venison sausage. Plans for the sausage include: dirty rice, spaghetti sauce, breakfast this morning. Yum, yum, and yum! DH needs to visit his folks more often!

Saturday was pretty much fun all around. Grocery shopping, and then a drive up to the mountains to see the fall colors and crawl around on rocks. Cost: gas there & back, so in my car about $4.00.

We also had a poker night scheduled with DH's sister & boyfriend. Luckily, the boyfriend is a former chef/part-time caterer who needed to test a new recipe, so dinner was free couscous, asparagus, spinach-artichoke dip, and 10 oz LOBSTERS!!!!! OMG!!!! Tasty and yummy and free, some of the best things in life!

I funded my poker night with $10 from the
Text is Change and Buck Bucket and Link is
Change and Buck Bucket and came out the big winner: got my $10 back plus another $15. As I got my winnings in all $1s, they went straight into the Bucket...

And here it is, Sunday morning. I've had coffee, made a fire, and have a chicken boiling in a pot for chicken stock/pulled chicken. And tonight: spaghetti.... Add those with the chili I made earlier in the week, and I will meet my
Text is 1W1G and Link is
1W1G ahead of schedule once again!

Biggest Day Ever!

October 28th, 2006 at 03:38 pm

Wow, yesterday was my blog's biggest day ever for pages viewed and visitors. Maybe I should rant about Starbucks more often! Big Grin

"Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Starbucks": Why I'm Enjoying a $2 Cuppa Coffee

October 27th, 2006 at 08:51 pm

Somethings are worth paying money for, and in my opinion flipping off Starbucks is one of them.

My parents currently own a coffee/cigar store, and used to have another coffee shop in a nearby town. We are all bona fide coffee snobs. We take our own coffee pot, filters, and coffee when we stay in a hotel. We tried 20? 30? kinds of coffee before deciding on the blend to serve in our store. At home, I go through a half pound of a fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee blend called 'Bean Martin' every week.

I kinda like the stuff.

With that being said, Starbucks charges obscene money for what is, to me, really bad coffee. They roast the beans a tad too much, and as a result when they grind then up they overheat and wind up tasting burnt. Bleech! In our shop, we have a bumper sticker on the counter that says "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Starbucks". HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

There is another coffee place here that actually has good java. They only have 2 locations, it's all drive through (therefore not really our competition), and their prices are acceptable for retail coffee. For me, the biggest selling point is that they are a locally owned business, and even sell locally baked muffins & cookies (from the same baker we used to use, actually).

Anyways, I've always had a hard time rationalizing buying their coffee when I'm out and about b/c I can get piping hot coffee from our store at, ahem, no charge. See the quandry? But I silently root for them to keep afloat b/c they're local.

Enter Starbucks (aka StarCrooks)
One of the locations for this local chain is in front of a shopping center with a grocery store in it. Said grocery had a StarCrooks inside. Not really any competition for our hero the local coffee business, since drive through customers aren't likely to get out and go inside the grocery for coffee. No biggie.

Then StarCrooks, in their infinite !@$(*&# wisdom decide to close the location inside the grocery and build a brand new buiding, you guessed it, right next to the local chain. Those dirty dogs!!! Corporate America strikes again, trying to push the little guy down!

So What Now?
Well, as I said at the beginning of this post, I feel that flipping off StarCrooks is worth spending a little money on. So, every Friday afternoon during my lunch break, I go through the drive-thru and get a $2 cuppa coffee even though I could drive the same distance and get it for free at our store.


Well, our store gets 95% of its traffic from the cigars and there's no way StarCrooks can change that. The coffee is just a bonus. This little establishment, though, is likely to go under once StarCrooks opens, and I hate the thought of our area loosing yet another local business.

Remeber: "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink StarBucks. At Least Buy Local!"