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Update on "Things I'm Not Gonna Buy"

April 10th, 2007 at 11:40 am

At the beginning of the year I posted a list of

Text is things I didn't need to buy any more and Link is http://tinapbeana.savingadvice.com/2007/01/03/things-im-not-gonna-buy-or-dont-be-like-_19799/
things I didn't need to buy any more, at least until I used up what I currently have on hand.

So far so good: I haven't bought any. Woohoo!!! I might have to buysome new sunscreen in case what I have expired, but that's it so far.

Lip Balm
Ditto the lip balm! I actually used up a tube to the very end without losing it. Believe me, it's a feat...

Ink Pens
Not a single new pen all year! I have bought mini-sharpies for DH to use at work, but that's it.

Note Pads
None here either! But, I did buy a Day Timer kinda thing that I can keep notebooks in, along with a calendar and contact list. This way, I can carry around the notebooks I have all to meetings etc without looking utterly disheveled.

Bought a pair of brown boots and black heels in February, but have set aside 4 pairs of shoes for Goodwill to make up for the 2 pair I brought into the house. Not too bad, seeing as I had 'allowed' myself hiking boots, dress boots, and a pair of heels in the original post...

Nail Polish and Care
Nope, none! Still need to throw out the stuff I have, though, since all it does is take up space.

Bought a new mascara. Still not satisfied, but for a buck at Dollar Tree it's still not a bad deal: easier to put on than the $5 a tube Mabelline stuff, and looks better too. Just doesn't stay on my lashes real well: makes me look slightly racoonish after 8 hours. Bah!

3 Responses to “Update on "Things I'm Not Gonna Buy"”

  1. JanH Says:

    Wow, that looks like my list!

  2. laceshawl Says:

    I don't need to buy any of those things either. I will also add soap - at least a dozen bars in the bathroom, mostly gifts. As I am single it will take me a while to use them up.

  3. KEALINA Says:

    lol... i remember reading the original list... thanks for the update... it's a great reminder not to buy things i already have and don't need more of... =D

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