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Your Own Personal Coffee Shop

November 9th, 2006 at 09:16 am

You might not know this, but I like coffee Big Grin Hey, I even managed to keep a straight face while I typed that!

Anyways, I wanted to share some easy ways to have coffee-shop coffee right at home. Unless you're anywhere near I live, in which case you need to come by my dad's coffe shop Wink

First things first, buy coffee you like and know you will enjoy. Just my opinion here: non-flavored will be your better bet because it will give you more options when it comes to adding flavor later. Coffee stays fresher if you buy it in bean form and grind it yourself, but we all know that's not always an option. Instead, keep ground coffee in an airtight container in either the fridge or freezer (this will also work for your beans, too, BTW).

OK, first tip for interesting coffee: mix cocoa powder in with your grounds before you brew. One tablespoon per full pot should work, more or less depending on your taste. MIX IT UP WELL, as the powder just sitting on top of the coffee may result in your coffee not dripping properly and over-flowing onto the counter!!! You can of course try this with any ground spice you like (cinnamon comes to mind, or a bit of ground vanilla bean). Experiment.

For an at home mocha: keep hot cocoa mix at home, and make the cocoa as directed but use coffee instead of milk or water. Even yummier: mix the liquid up in a measuring cup or something you can pour from. Take a coffee cup and fill it about 3/4 the way with whipped cream (real stuff from a can works great). Pour the hot coffee mix over the whipped cream, and you have a mocha cappucino! YUM!!!

Another thing to try: extracts. A drop or two of peppermint oil, almond extract, vanilla, etc can do wonders for a cup of coffee.

Try making your own flavored creamers: get a container of half 'n' half and try making vanilla creamer, cinnamon hazelnut, buttered almond, etc. Extracts and spices are all fair game here, but if you use spices you may want to LIGHTLY heat them in the half 'n' half to get more flavor.

Make your own Chocolate Spoons (great for company or gift giving). Buy spoons from a dollar store, otherwise you'll use up all your regular ones! Carefully melt chocolate chips in the microwave (follow the directions on the bag), swirl the spoon in the melted chocolate and place on wax paper to harden. VIOLA, something chocolatey to stir into your coffee!

Search online for a biscotti recipe: there are oodles. Make up a big batch and store them in an airtight container so they stay crisp.

What about all of you? How do you make coffee-shop coffee at home?

6 Responses to “Your Own Personal Coffee Shop”

  1. JanH Says:

    Yum. It's been awhile since I have had coffee. I loved getting the beans from the neighborhood shop-wonder where it went after the hurricane?--and grinding them. I always kept mine in the freezer, but I didn't think about getting regular and adding my own ingredients. That's awesome to know. My last favorite was almond amarretto, a discontinued one was chocolate amarretto, I think. Or was it chocolate almond? Now I can figure out how to make my own!

  2. Lau Says:

    That all sounds good!! I'll try to chocolate in the filter thing...

    I don't do fancy coffees so much. The one thing I love is my cappucino maker that I bought this summer while in vacation in France. I
    Text is found it and Link is http://www.crateandbarrel.com/family.aspx?c=710&f=8566
    found it on the Crate & Barrel site... it is a bit pricy on there... but yumm!! And off course, hubby in his infinite wisdom put in it the dishwasher. the finish is completely ruined, but it still makes delicious cappucinos.

  3. fairy74 Says:

    great minds think alike, LOVE coffee, I am printing this and putting it on my fridge, zero excuse to go to the evil ST**RB***CKS! he he....

  4. paigu Says:

    I make hot cocca with coffee instead of water- that's my version of the $4 coffeeshop mocha! Oh, your chocolate spoons are a great idea! I'm thinking I can melt down some of the Halloween candy I bought on sale (perfectly good chocolates that happen to be wrapped in fall colors instead of red/green for xmas). Now, any creative ideas for candy corn??

  5. tinapbeana Says:

    candy corn might make OK cat litter *g* other than that, i'm not sure...

    the chocolate spoons are YUM!!! good in coffee, cocoa, even to eat ice cream with... i've debated about getting pepermint sticks & dipping them in chocolate too, to make stir sticks.

    chocolate almond coffee ought to be fairly easy: some cocoa powder in the grounds and/or cocoa mix in the liquid coffee, and a drop or two of almond extract... chocolate amaretto would be even easier *sloshy grin*

  6. jen-taylor Says:

    thanks for the info!

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