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Soothing my ego =)

October 11th, 2006 at 04:58 am

After the painful post about my frugal failing with food, I decided to sooth my ego with a fugally fabulous post. Last month I got all the shots for all three of my cats at the Mobile Pet Med for $36 total.

And 2 wks ago I had the last one spayed at the vets office that sponsors the Mobile Pet Med here. Surgery, 3 days of pain meds, and getting her claws trimmed was $67.25. FYI, just a spay here is normally $120-$150.

In my world, this is pretty frugally fabulous.

1 Responses to “Soothing my ego =)”

  1. yummy64 Says:

    Those are absolutely amazing prices for those services!

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