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Why I Buy Organic or Local Food

May 7th, 2007 at 07:41 pm

Just a quick story about why I buy organic tomatoes.

I have been stupid busy lately. That's right, it's not that I've forgotten that I have a blog for 2 months, there's actually been a reason for my hiatus.

With that said, I've not been cooking all that much. No real worries.

Well, tonight I made spaghetti. I reached under my chopping block for an onion, and came across this:

OK, a bag of tomatoes in good shape, no big deal right? Wrong!!! This next picture will show you WHY:

See that, highlighted in yellow? I bought these tomatoes A MONTH AGO!!!! I'm sorry, but it's just not natural for tomatoes from a month ago to be in usable shape!!!! What kind of freaky mutant tomatoes are these?!?!?!???

While it might be inconvenient and a waste of money for me to have tomatoes go bad because because I forgot to use them, I HATE TO THINK what is in these tomatoes to keep them usable after sitting on a shelf for a month.

So there you go. If possible, I'll keep buying my produce from the organic store or the flea market where I can see for my self that they are in fact capable of going bad. Because these tomatoes are just plain scary.

9 Responses to “Why I Buy Organic or Local Food”

  1. pjmama Says:

    hoo buddy. That IS pretty scary... crazy hormone/chemical whatnots they put in food these days. Your tomatoes must be on steroids! Embarrassment

  2. JanH Says:

    I feel the same way about Hubby's white bread. My whole grain will ruin quickly, but Hubby's bread lives on and on. I've finally converted him!

  3. kimiko Says:

    Are those tomatoes stored outside of the refrigerator? Our complain with the produces we bought it that they go bad too fast. The organic stuff my mom grows in her garden last a long time too, but they're usually in the refrigerator.

  4. tinapbeana Says:

    kimiko: no such luck, these tomatoes were stored outside of the fridge, on a shelf underneath my butcher block island.

    jan: my DH mentioned the same thing about a loaf of whitebread we had bought lasting over a month when i showed him the tomatoes. i looked at him and said "That doesn't scare you?!?"

  5. kimiko Says:

    Refrigerated, I can understand, but outside..ewwww.

  6. mbkonef Says:

    I have never seen tomatoes last that long unless they were not ripe when they were picked (but then they shouldn't have been red when you bought them). My mom used to pick her green tomatoes at the end of the summer, wrap them in newspaper and let them ripen. But tomatoes already ripe lasting that long - I agree - definitely mutant tomatoes.

  7. Aleta Says:

    Tina: Do you remember all of the hipe about the I don't remember what you call it but it was grown under certain lights and everyone was screaming beause it was not a natural thing to do. How many people are talking about it now? I bet all of those vegetables are grown the same. It is scary. A little about organic gardening. If the farmer next to the organic gardner uses pesticides, the run off will go on to the organically grown ones. Seems you can't win with these people.

  8. veronak Says:

    Wow, that is scary. I actually never buy organic items, too expensive but now I might

  9. baselle Says:

    Hmmm. About ten years ago, I was listening to a seminar where the speaker "knocked out" the gene using reverse RNA, blocking transcription of the enyzmes that cause softening and ripening.

    Yum, yum, eh?

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