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Think Someone Tried to Break In

April 11th, 2007 at 07:32 pm


We got home tonight at about 6:30 and immediately noticed that the cover was gone from DH's motorcycle. Uh-oh... The bike has an alarm on it with a bump and tilt sensor, so we're having a bear of a time figuring out how they got the cover off without setting off the alarm, but such is life.

Walked in the house and all was well until DH went to the back door. While the lock was still turned properly in the knob, the door itself was no longer latched. Luckily we have a chain at the base of the back door.

At this point he promptly rushed me out of the house, got his 45 out of the truck and checked out the house inside and out. Everything's in place that we can tell, the only thing missing is the $65 weather cover which we will now have to replace.

First thing we thought: why couldn't they take the motorcycle, we'd get 50% more than we paid for it?!?? At least we have a sense of humor, right?

So, battened down the house and headed out to price a new back door. The one we have wasn't damaged but is old and needed to be replaced before next winter for energy effeciency purposes, so the option was to install a deadbolt in the existing door or go ahead and replace the door.

Also bought a 3 pack of battery operated door/window sensors. The only real possible entry points for our house are a window in the back about 4 feet off the ground and that back door. All the other windows are too high off the ground except for 3 in the very front of the house, and those came with decorative/protective wrought iron gratings. Plus they're in the front, like I said, so two of my three retired neighbors can see them...

The good news, everybody, is that this is where money karma rears its wonderful head again. See, I sat down and did the final draft of my taxes, and will owe about $400 less than I had budgeted. Good news, since the cost of a new door, deadbolt, 3 pack of sensors, lockbox for our keys, and possibly a small safe will be, oh, right about $400! Gotta love money karma!

9 Responses to “Think Someone Tried to Break In”

  1. kimiko Says:

    Woah, scarry. I'm glad you're taking this well. Last time someone broke into our place while we were still in it to steal the camcorder and went through my mom's wallets for cash, we were so paranoid that we locked everything up tight for months.

    It helped that we reported the incident to the police (everyone keep an eye on our place but no one dare goes near now Stick Out Tongue) One of the cop came over and after looking around, told us that the culprit was likely one of the neighbor who had direct view of the item(it was next to the window). Let just say the people renting the house across the narrow street move away shortly after that.

    Have you make your report yet?

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Revenge of the possums? Big Grin

    So the motorcycle alarm didn't go off? Or did it fail somehow? Are you certain the cover was stolen?

    I don't doubt you. I'm just double checking, because....

    If it was theft, houses that has been successfully burglarized has a much higher probability of being burglarized again.... Since some burglars will become emboldened by the success and feel a bit more comfortable around your house.

    It's logically lop-sided in my opinion, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Be careful now.

  3. tinapbeana Says:

    well, we confirmed with 2 neighbors this morning that they saw someone on the porch taking the cover, then walking around the back of the house, so chances are he tried the back door as well. but just to reiterate, he was unsuccessful in actually getting in the house, which makes me feel better. also thrilled by the fact that 2 of our 4 immediate neighbors saw what happened, so we've impressed upon them that we're fine with them calling the cops if they see someone other than ourselves, even if it turns out to be my mom or a friend of his, etc.

    the alarm didn't go off b/c DH had it on the least sensitive setting. grrr... now if you look at it wrong it'll yell at you! also, we've found a cover alarm that we'll get when we replace the cover. the bike also has a wheel lock, plus we've got it cabled to wrought iron on the front porch, so someone will have to do some major work to get it off. i told DH we should rig up a rubber snake on a spring underneath the next cover, to try and scare the @#$(!& our of someone if they try messing with the thing again. but, i'd hate to come home and find a dead guy on my porch...

    the only things outside are the bike and our grill, neither one of which we mind losing if it comes down to "take the stuff on our porch" versus "break into our house".

  4. robex Says:

    Yikes! It sounds like you guys have things well covered.

    I know how you feel about the bike getting taken. I wish that someone would steal my van out of the driveway...

  5. JanH Says:

    LOL Robex! We once threatened to leave the keys in our van--it was such a pain! But seriously, our neighbor's car got stolen right out from under all our windows. They just rolled it out into the street. We never heard a thing. I got broken into while I was home once, but they ran when they saw me--I was running in the other direction! (They were breaking out a window.) Glad everything at your home is okay and they didn't get in! Has made me rethink our security here.

  6. pjmama Says:

    Rubber snake... haha. I love you Tina... Smile

  7. lieweheksie Says:

    glad you and DH ok- sometimes the universe sends us a little warning-security spend is good spend IMHO
    and I'm so glad it's a non south african with a crime story for a change...thanks

  8. lieweheksie Says:

    clarifying my comment- not glad crime when happens to anyone but so many south africans think it only happens here we forget the rest of the world also has a problem- however in SA your bike and grill and anything not chained down would have been gone :-))

  9. jodi_m Says:

    Two burglary stories here from when I lived in the city (rural girl now) - when DH and I first had an apartment, the teenager next door (plus two friends) jumped from their balcony to ours and relieved us of our Nintendo, the contents of our liquor cabinet, and our candy jar - luckily for us, his mom ratted him out to us when the cops showed up answering her domestic dispute call and we met them in the hallway. We later bought a house a few blocks away - when we moved from there, we left our nice neighbors our push mower. When we visited with them later, they told us it had been stolen from their yard - but not until after the thief made sure that it worked by mowing one perfect line down the edge of their yard as he walked off with it! Scary world full of stupid people - let's hope your guy gets caught before he tries anything else. I'm glad it wasn't any worse for you.

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